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Real Time GPS Tracking

With this state of the art tracking service, you and our agents will easily be able to track and detail all stops and locations of your person of interest.

GPS LIVE tracking is our most cost effective and accurate form of surveillance, from short trips to the corner store, or over night indiscretions at an address that spells nothing to you but trouble. Our units offer real time accuracy and locations within 50 feet of the actual target and his or her vehicle.

Ask us about this affordable option that lasts one week at a time and will answer questions that right now, you simply don't have the answers to.

Phone Number Searches

This service offers our clients the ability to forward our agency a phone number, whether its a cell number or a land line, and we will quickly provide you with the name and address associated to that number.

It's another sensitive service that not many others can do. Once again be very careful using INTERNET LIARS who just want your money to give you nothing in return!

If you have an address and need to know who lives there, our team of professional sources will seek out that information and provide you with answers quickly that are accurate and also current.

Cell Phone Records

A sensitive service that not many others can provide, we offer COPIES of cell records on a month to month basis.

This service provides you the client, with an exact detailed copy of your required cell number's calls out and times and dates of incoming calls, text message info but not their content.

BE CAREFUL with other agencies and certainly ALL INTERNET sites that promise this service and ask for your money upfront, there is a good chance they CAN'T even do it!

Polygraph Tests

Also a service we can provide, given you have a cooperative partner and money is of little consequence, testing is NOT performed by us, but is done by a certified and often retired poly-graph expert from the Police services.

Tests can range from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the nature of the test, and length of the session.

Criminal Background Tests

Criminal record checks can be important and useful in both personal and business situations. Give us a call today for your free consultation regarding costs and results.

Home DNA Test Kits

We also provide our clients with a number of DNA "HOME" test kits which a suspecting partner to test another person's under garment for the presence of fluids that DON'T match yours. Call our office today for a free consultation and to learn more about how and where to obtain such products.

Spyware, Laptops, Smartphones

Contact us today for information that could keep you one step ahead of your partner or children in this dangerous world of internet luring and social sexting between cheaters and teens!

Please visit Spy Tech for all your spyware, laptop, listening device, hidden camera and gadget needs. Ask for Ursula and tell her we sent you.

Surveillance Teams

Given our agencies lengthy Police background, our surveillance teams have actually been trained by seasoned X-Police officers who in some cases worked their ENTIRE careers in an under-cover capacity where surveillance was second nature and a daily routine.

Following ANYONE is never easy, given heavy traffic or even light traffic flows which can provide less cover for agents, whereas heavy traffic can create grid-lock and losing a target becomes easy.

We were the first agency in Ontario to send two vehicles to increase the productivity for the same price as others charge to send one vehicle!

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